Saturday, January 07, 2006


Exercising More Demons?


By DinoCosta



I've been thinking a lot about demons lately for a couple of reasons.

If you have been listening to my radio program (why wouldn't you be?) you heard me detail the "voices", that Lee has been hearing at times in his apartment.

Lee for the uninitiated, is my producer Roger's ace in the hole. His number one assistant - his right hand man...or whatever other cliche you feel like inserting.

Lee last heard the voices on New Year's eve while pounding some Bud Lights and waiting for the New Year to come around.

Lee told Roger that at one point that night that he started to take some swings at the voices - no word on whether any of his punches connected.

I offered Lee my services and told him I'd drop by his apartment to take care of these "voices", by insisting they leave, in the name of Christ Jesus. Amen!

The voices wouldn't stand a chance.

But Lee told me to hold off - that he was moving out soon to go into a brand new condominium with his mother. Lee will apparently leave the voices to have his apartment all to themselves and the next occupant.

If the voices only knew how close they were to having their asses unceremoniously kicked out to the curb if I had showed up with Jesus.

The other demons I keep hearing about, are from listeners of my show who tell me that my latest career move, the television program on FSN Rocky Mountain, is another step for me in exercising my alleged Denver demons - and completing my Denver comeback.


While the support is appreciated, I have to tell you that I don't consider myself having completed my Denver "comeback" in a way that is anything that is even close to being totally fulfilled.

Now in my seventh broadcast month doing the DinoCosta Show on the Radio Colorado Network, I am overjoyed to have a daily program disseminated to five (5) stations, and 87% of the Rocky Mountain state daily.

Likewise the blessing I feel over the faith that FSN Executives have showed in me (despite having zero experience in TV) cannot be expressed in words alone. It has in many ways restored my faith in others in their being able to discern my talent and ability, to execute and to deliver entertaining, and information based media products, with a heavy emphasis on my own opinions and comments.

Seven months back in Denver - with a radio, and now a television show, is quite a turnaround from when I headed out of Denver back in February of 04, headed east on I-70, then ultimately heading south to Florida for two years to continue my radio career.

But I'm not even close to being satisfied with where I am right now.

I won't be until I have crossed off each and every note I made to myself when I left Denver the first time - and vowed to come back stronger than I have ever been.

In other words, you ain't seen nothing yet.

As far as the radio show is concerned I can't complain about a single item. I'm a realist as much as I consider myself to be an idealist.

Working under the parameters of what the Radio Colorado Network is at this juncture, won't ever allow me to complete with other stations and or talk show hosts as far as quantifiable "numbers" are concerned, in relation to anything measured under an Arbitron rating system.

I have little in the way of promotion at the RCN with a Network that features me as a stand alone talk product, surrounded by nearly all business and brokered radio programs.

What doesn't belong and why!!!???

Can anyone say "niche" format? Personified, and then some.

While other hosts in Colorado may have the luxury of being on a heritage station, or stations that do throw dollars at promotional vehicles to assist them, or are stations that are more suited to the type of a product that I project and develop - my program is a babe in the woods, surrounded by a lead in show that tells you how to clean your colon effectively.

By a lead-in that tells you how to clean your colon effectively.

I just wanted to write that line again in case anyone may have missed it.

It is what it is.

Lest anyone think I am complaining - nothing could be further from the truth. I knew the deal when I arrived back in Denver in late June - I had been talking with the RCN from almost the moment I left Denver back in 2004, and I knew exactly what kind of stations they had and what they did with their stations.

The opportunity to come back to Denver however was too juicy to turn my back on - no matter the type of station.

I'm more than satisfied that anyone who chooses to listen to the Dino Costa Show on the RCN - can do so while being in nearly 87% of the state.

In addition, the flagship signal AM-1060, is a powerhouse, and has me heard clearly all throughout Denver, all the way south through Colorado Springs, and as far north as Laramie, Wyoming.

Upside? That's without a doubt the biggest and the best.

Outside of that, knowing the deal with the RCN and what they can and cannot do for me, the bulk of my ability to attract listeners is at my own two feet. I kill, gut, clean, and cook my own meat around here.

Being able to do my program as I so choose to do it, is yet another positive aspect to having the DinoCosta Show on the RCN. That and working with some terrific and very funny as well as talented people in the studios - in both Denver & Longmont.

To get paid pretty well to do a daily radio program - and now getting paid even better to do a television program is pretty nice. No, it's more than pretty nice, it's a blessing and I don't take a second of it for granted.

As far as content, and as far as information, opinion, and developing multi-faceted programs that challenge an audience - I don't feel anyone can even come close to touching what I do on the air each and every day. I'm talking about the radio part of the equation when I make this confident and somewhat cocky claim.

You expected me to say something else perhaps?

TV? I'm not sure - yet, although I'm encouraged with the start of things.

Like my radio comrades at the RCN - the guys and gals in the foxholes at FSN Rocky Mountain are as professional and as courteous, and as committed to developing a good product as anywhere can be found.

My transition on over into TV has been made so much easier by the patience and encouragement of those who work alongside me to make Raw Sports all that it can be.

And I'll continue to do my utmost to justify their faith in me as often as possible.

But so far as being satisfied? Are you kidding me?

I've done nothing.

I've only been back for seven months - and the story is far from being completed.

If the book on my "comeback" in Denver is a dozen chapters long - then we just made it out of chapter two.

While things may be pointed in a positive direction right now - the fact is that success (no matter how you may define it) is very fleeting.

It could all end tomorrow.

And if it does? I'm already prepared for that if it happens.

All I can do is try and control things that are within my own ability to control. More things are outside of my control than are actually in my hands to shape and mold as I choose - so whatever opportunities I get are most times the result of other people and their decisions to allow me to have those opportunities.

I can't and don't want to reflect too much yet - because in reality I haven't come close to doing what I want to do in radio or in television to this juncture.

Thanks for reading this Costa Chronicle - but that's all I really have to say at this time about this subject.

Monday its back to the proving ground - with more stuff to do, more work to accomplish, and more of those alleged "demons" to exercise..

I'm not nearly finished with the task at hand.

Now excuse me whilst I go back to work.


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