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Bring Back The Kids!
By DinoCosta
February 19, 2006
I haven't watched a second of the Olympics thus far - and don't plan on doing so unless I accidentally run into some event while channel surfing.
The results of the Olympic hockey tournament aren't surprising to me at all.
When teams are put together in such a haphazard fashion, with little or no practice time, no exhibition games, no chemistry developed, why should there not be final scores that in another environment and setting would be considered very surprising? 
I don't know about anyone else, but I'm much more interested in seeing if Jaromir Jagr can spearhead the next Rangers Stanley Cup - than seeing if he can lead his native country to a Gold medal.
Frankly speaking, at least in terms of my personal interest in the United States and their medal chances, I'm bored with the whole thing.
Give me the collegiate kids - who would have been together for at least an entire year, playing in exhibitions, developing the chemistry needed to succeed in most cases -and hopefully hitting a peak and stunning the rest of the world with a tremendous showing that would lift spirits everywhere.
No, the re-duplicating of the 1980 Miracle On Ice team would be impossible for a myriad of reasons - but it could get close to that certainly.
While others manufacture the interest to see the U.S. team possibly win a Gold medal under the current system of professional NHL talent filling out the roster...I'd rather take home a Silver Medal with a team captained by Phil Kessel.
Going with the old system would also allow the NHL to continue its season instead of shutting down the league for a few weeks.
As to the notion that by playing the cream of the crop in the Olympics this helps to foster more awareness in the game, please, give me a break with this.
As I have insisted since I first realized what a terrific game ice hockey was, those who don't like the game for whatever the reason, aren't going to start liking it all of a sudden because the Olympics suddenly opened their eyes to something they were previously unaware of.
A few more thoughts:
I'm flabbergasted to read in today's edition of the Denver Post that I am making more per year than the position of Governor of Colorado.
Criticize all you want to about the current White House administration - but please, shut up about the VP shooting incident, will ya? It was a mistake plain and simple...let it go and remember all of YOUR mistakes you have committed.
Jim Rome is at it again. Rome says that he may give up radio again and go at it full time in television. If Rome had any common sense he'd realize that he's deficient in both areas and get out of the business completely. Rome of course is angling for a new contract from Premiere...and unfortunately rather than to introduce a new voice onto the National landscape (like me), they'll cave in and reward Rome with another new deal. It's called a lack of vision...and not understanding a talent whose parade has already passed by years ago.
Thank you, Dick Kreck.
Minnesota certainly brought the DU Pioneers back down to earth in a hurry, eh?
Jeff Bzdelik is a slam dunk as the Mountain West Conference coach of the year.
The Nuggets called by the way.
Me, not Jeff Bzdelik.
The two best shooters in college basketball are white guys. Adam Morrison of Gonzaga and J.J. Reddick of Duke - are picture perfect, deadly, and lethal, jump shooters.
I only mention that those two guys are white because if the two best scorers in the NHL were black, you'd be reminded about it every other day.
Oh yeah, anyone have a suggestion for me as to who the best player on the PGA Tour might be the last few years?
Phil Mickelson?
Try again, pizza breath.
The Mets will win the National League east this season.
But don't bet the house on the above thought - I'm the same clown who predicted the Jets would win the Super Bowl last season.
I've thought long and hard about this, and after considering all of my options, I've decided to raise Hereford Cattle, when I open my ranch in Northern Colorado later this year.
Caplis & Silverman had their producer call me the other day to appear on their radio program. Then they let the air out of my balloon by going in another direction. There went my chance to finally get on a Clear Channel station.
Kenyon, has not called.
I've decided to become a Utah Jazz fan. Brian Tripp a producer with FSN Rocky Mountain is a Utah Jazz fan. I have no idea if this has anything to do with him being from Utah. But if the Tripper is a Jazz fan, then so am I.
The WebGuy has been very ornery lately.
If he keeps it up that'll be the last time I'll ever get him onto a television program.
The Rockies?
82 wins.
Write it down now.
Alright, go ahead and bet the house on it.
Who won today's NBA All-Star game?
More later...

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