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How Many Did I Speak For?


Thus far I have heard from exactly 18 sports media members who have sent me a "thank you" for responding to Kenyon Martin last night, after he verbally abused me in the Nuggets locker room.

These notes have come from people (some surprising individuals) here in Denver - as well as from many more outside the area - who thanked me for giving back to Kenyon Martin as good as Martin can dish it apparently to some folks who were previous victims of his thug personality.

In addition, the backing and support from my employers at the Radio Colorado Network, as well as from FSN Rocky Mountain, has been exceptional.

In my employers minds, this is clearly a case of a player who went well over a line and acted in an aggressive and hostile manner without provocation at all.

Let me be clear - and I have stated this in the previous blog message I wrote, Kenyon Martin cursed at me three times last night before I ever responded on my own.

The collective group of media personnel respected Martin's requests to have a ten foot perimeter as he got dressed last night. Not all players by the way are like this. Carmello Anthony for instance routinely allows the media to surround his locker stall as he gets dressed following games.

After Martin was finished putting his clothes on, we as a collective media group approached again. This time, as the individual who was furtherst to Martin's left, I wanted to make sure it was okay to now approach, which is why I asked him, "is it okay to talk now?"

Martin of course, responded with profanity once again, and once again, the media herd retreated to safe Kenyon distance.

I'll reiterate, that a few seconds later, hoping to lighten the atmosphere and hoping to make Martin see that I was not at all attempting to agitate him (although on the other hand I could have actually have cared less if he was agitated by me or anyone else) I mentioned that I would expect him to be in a better mood considering he scored a Nuggets career high of 34 points, and the fact that Denver registered a much needed victory.

It was at this point that Martin said something I couldn't make out (his back was to me) and asked him to clarify.

After responding that it was his suggestion that I go and fuck myself...I asked him what he said again just to make sure I heard that right, he repeated his line...before I decided to tell him that he could do the same.

From a recent Rocky Mountain News story:

Jim Gray, an ESPN reporter who grew up in Denver, was a sideline reporter at Wednesday night's game. Although he didn't see the incident during the game, he reported Friday on ESPN's SportsCenter that afterward he and two colleagues were walking out when they saw

Martin and three of his friends.

"He was going through a profanity-laced tirade," Gray reported on ESPN.

"And he was very angry and very upset and very loud.

"And at the time he happened to be signing some autographs for a couple of young fans. There were women around, some young people."

Gray went on to report that Martin, through a flurry of expletives, was saying, " 'There's absolutely no way any of these fans are going to talk to me in that manner. There's no way they can say what they want to say to me without them suffering some kind of a consequence. They can't talk to Kenyon like that.' And then he went on, and it was very loud and very boisterous."

From Nuggets General Manager Kiki Vandeweghe in the same RMN article:

"We take these things very seriously, and we don't condone any type of foul language, whether it's on the court or within earshot," Vande-weghe said.

If that's the case then where was the Nuggets personnel on the scene last night to admonish their player for his conduct and choice of words to this talk show host?

Sure the Nuggets staff and security personnel has an obligation to protect Nuggets employees - but certainly anyone covering an event should be given some protection and courtesy as well.

Both of my employers today have told me that not only do they back me 100%, but they also believe that I should in no way accept the Kroneke Sports decision to revoke my media credentials to cover Nuggets games at the Pepsi Center.

As both of my employers said to me today: you have done nothing wrong. They have offiered their full support and backing and I will be contacting both Nuggets general manager Kiki Vandeweghe as well as NBA Commissioner David Stern on Monday morning for further clarification.

I still at this moment, harbor not an ounce of regret for my words to Martin - considering the way that he approached me and showed me no respect whatsoever.

The entire episode is on tape - and I'll be releasing the audio soon enough.

To those who have thanked me for telling Martin something that they have wanted to for a long're welcome.



Well lemme start this train rollin' down the tracks for everyone. The water is warm, come in, stay awhile, and lookie what this person wrote me in an email that will go into the Sports Doctor Hall Of Fame concerning the Kenyon Martin incident:

Nice name, fuckwad. (He is referring to my name, "DINO") The only reason I've fucking heard of your stupid
ass is this Kenyon bullshit that happened last night. That was your
goal, after all, wasn't it? "Shit, nobody knows who the fuck I am, I had
better start shit with a guy that just kicked the ass of the best team in
the league." Smooth move, cocksucker. He was already in hot water, and
your attempt to heat it more backfired. You were 'owned' as they say.
And where the fuck did you get these credentials anyway? Shit, better
send in some more Fruity Pebbles UPC's for a new press pass, you fuck.
Kenyon has been through too much shit to continue to have to deal with
weasels like you. We all know you wanted a peek at his dick, but when he
says to step out of the way while he's dressing, do it. Flaming bitch.
All your jesus ads at the bottom of the page are contradictory. You
like the cock. You peeping tom fuck. You get a press pass to look at
dicks. What the fuck?!

Sent to DINO by: lukegeorgia@
You're joining the ranks of countless sports "journalists" making names for themselves by injecting themselves into the story and crowing about their "bravery" in covering these stories.

No one cares about you, your blog, or your fairly mild shouting match with Kenyon Martin. It takes a special kind of vagina too to mount an offensive with gallons of ink at your disposal when your target has none.

What a fucking joke.
To: BS Memorial

From: Dino Costa

Anyone ever tell you that you have a striking resemblance to WFAN sports talker Joe Beningo?

BS I would never criticize the "WebGuy" on this here site - however, if it is of any comfort to you, I requested that the WebGuy take down the various links to the story semi-detailing the incident Kenyon Martin had with me the other night. I requested that the story links be removed late last night.

The WebGuy is at a Colorado Crush game as I write these words, so don't expect it to happen anytime in the next 2-3 hours, but later this afternoon I'm sure they will be removed. Not because you or anyone else thinks they should be BS...but rather, because I feel that way.

In addition I will tease something for you & anyone else here - letting ya'll know that there is perhaps more trouble brewing at the Pepsi Center these days (I ain't talkin' bout' no micro-brewed beer either)...The DinoCosta Show is investigating a story that could rock the building to its very foundations...and it hasn't a thing to do with me, you'll be happy to know?

Anyhow thanks for the contributions, keep up the good work - and get work as Joe from Saddle River's double in any movie that Joe B. may eventually star in.


I got another "thank you" today, concerning the Kenyon thing, this one from a local Denver radio personality - but I also received word from Adam Thompson of the Denver Post, indicating his unwillingness to appear on my programs any longer.

Thompson had previously been on both my radio & television programs.

Thompson felt that my line of questioning to Nuggets head coach George Karl was done in a "baiting" type fashion two games ago - and although Thompson says he wasn't in the room for the Kenyon Martin episode, he told me today that he heard that I was "crowding" Martin.

He's wrong on both counts.

My questions to Karl after the game against Chicago were nothing more than simple inquiries that most any coach in the NBA receives.

The fact is, that Karl has his rear end protected by the majority of the Denver based media - none of whom asks him any questions of substance most times, for fear that they'll get on George's bad side and be subject to his angry sarcasm.

I could care less about this. My job is to ask questions and also as a talk show host, to impart my opinion as a part of my questions sometimes.

I could also care less if George Karl, or any other coach likes me, or smiles at me, or thinks I'm a swell guy. None of this is ever on my agenda list.

As for Thompson's feelings on the Kenyon Martin thing, the next time that Martin or any other player disrespects him, verbally abuses him, or treats him like a piece of irrelevant's hoping that Thompson smiles, bends over, and asks for more again whenever the player feels like sticking it to him again.

Most of the media here in Denver are nothing more than lap dogs who play the house organ role to perfection.

Godspeed to you, Adam. Tell Kenyon & George I said hello...and goodbye.
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