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Denver -  

I thought the column by Westword columnist Michael Roberts was fair and as objective as possible for a guy that clearly doesn't like me too much. 

The response from most I've spoken with has been very positive. 

I didn't like the fact that Roberts called Benjie Kaze a "de-facto" Producer...Kaze is the guy who makes virtually all the programming decisions at FSN Rocky Mountain, and happens to be a terrific individual who is also blessed with great instincts for what works and what does not work on TV. 

I obviously, work. 

Some have sent me messages concerning the "lighting" on the set of Raw Sports. They make some valid points (although some have severely distorted the issue) but there is really little anyone can do to improve the situation that much at present. 

Raw Sports is a mobile show, in that I am always moving from one point to another often times. With other FSN produced programs fixing the lighting and making certain there is enough illumination is much less of a problem. Studio shows done with anchors situated in one place allow the set at FSN to concentrate most of the lighting adequately enough throughout the telecast. 

By the way on the next edition of Raw I'll be joined by Nuggets radio caster, Jerry Schemmel. 

I had a guy call in the other day to the radio program and say that Ron Nickel (Sr. VP RCN) had huge stones to allow me to do the program without any interference from management. 

The truth of the matter is that I'll never do another radio program with my name on it that doesn't allow me total and complete creative control with the same as far as content is concerned. 

On today's radio program I again detailed how grossly distorted this racial "problem" is at CU in Boulder. To read people in the Denver Post covering this story, one would get the sense that the CU situation is unique in America. It is not. Far from it, although the papers continue to reference this issue as though taking to the streets of Boulder for a black person is as risky as a white person strolling down Martin Luther King Blvd. in Harlem at 3 AM. 

The scumbag himself, Al Sharpton, failed to make it into Boulder to address the famous Blue Ribbon panel that has been assembled by CU President, Hank Brown. Sharpton cited troubles with the plane that was supposed to bring him to Colorado from New York the other night. He did appear on the O'Reilly Factor that evening however. 

Another scumbag by the name of Donald Trump (does this moron deserve a beating or what?) has been told that his organizations proposal for the historic Union Station are not welcomed. Thank goodness. The less Donald Trump like characters in Colorado, the better. Trump needs to get a respectable haircut soon. He should. 

George Karl and his thin skinned nature appear ready to explode any day now. He told yours truly to basically shut-up the other night after I asked him at what point does he begin to get angry with his underachieving basketball team? Karl has mentioned that one of his dreams is to one day coach the NY Knicks - with Karl's not liking to be second guessed at all the NY media would have him in hives before a quarter of the season was completed...if he was the coach of the Knicks. 

By the way, what is the longest recorded funeral on record? Coretta Scott King's lasted six hours the other day! In addition it was turned into a mud slinging event by people like Jimmy Carter, a black Reverend who ground an axe that day, and to a lesser extent by the former dirtbag himself, Bill Clinton. Clinton's digs at fellow mourner George W. Bush were more subliminal than the other two smileys. 

Looking forward to getting the Conversation Friday program back out on the road...tomorrow the show originates from C.B. & Potts in the Flat Irons Mall complex where it will be with each succeeding Friday broadcast. If Bruce The Fierce shows up, lunch and drinks are on me, sir. 

But will the WebGuy show up? 

How about Kris Olinger? 

Donna Starr should be a keeper by the way. 

Sports, Politics, Life...& Everything In Between.


There is no other show like it.


Grin & bear it. Bear it? "Bare" it? Bayer it?  Whatever.



You wrote: "Mike Roberts upcoming feature story on yours truly that will surface later this week. I've already gone on record and said that if the tenor and tone of the column is even slightly positive, I'll walk around Invesco Field 162 times for any charity that may be interested in sponsoring the event.'' was. Any sponsor interest yet?
No sponsor - not yet anyway.

What was your feeling on the column?

Dino Costa
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