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As the city of Denver continues to mature in their quest to be recognized as a major league town (which it is) - the franchises that are owned by Kroenke Sports Enterprises continues to retard that development.

The latest incidents involving Kenyon Martin, first with fans at the Pepsi Center, then with me in the locker room, is only the tip of a mighty large iceberg.

Of course in my own situation, Nuggets media aide Eric Sebastian watched as Martin verbally assaulted me, then stepped in only after I decided not to take the choice words from this thug lying down.

I'll admit it, it is indeed my nature to speak my mind, it's the way I have always been, love me or hate me for being this way - I apologize for nothing.

My mouth is what keeps a roof over my head and food in my mouth, and while others may not be as ready to defend themselves in a similar situation, I am not here to act upon their behalf. I am calling the plays only for me, and when someone roughs the passer as enthusiastically as Kenyon Martin tried to a few nights ago, I'm throwing a flag...and a few words of my own as well.

I apologize for nothing. Have I made this clear enough?

At the time of the Kenyon Martin incident, had my employers names been Don Crawford, or Bernie Daigle, or Foss Foster, or any one of a number of other short sighted and inferior feeling individuals, let there be no doubt that I would have been in hot water with them...simply for defending myself.

How blessed am I that I have employers at the present time who not only possess significant spine, but who also support me 1000% in this matter?

That the Nuggets and their minions have chosen to make me the instigator and Kenyon Martin the victim isn't surprising at all.

I concluded a phone conversation with a former Nuggets high ranking employee just a few moments ago.

It seems as though the Nuggets on the Kiki Vandeweghe watch, have become experts at protecting, enabling, and twisting both the truth in many instances, and the way things are reported in Nuggetland by the Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News.

"They own those two newspapers Dino", my source said, "they have both of those organizations and their writers and columnists in their back pockets."

The fact is that this was not hollow smoke this person was blowing.

Here are a few incidents that have developed in NuggetCity over the past couple of years, all of which were either reported with Nuggets colored glasses by the media, not reported at all, or arranged to be reported on in a fashion that gave the individuals the benefit of the doubt.

>In Carmello Anthony's rookie season, both he and then Nugget Rodney White, walked into the Chop House Restaurant in downtown, to get something to eat, and to apparently get something to drink. The Chop house staff would not serve the pair alcohol because both players were underage at the time. The players not only threw a fit, but in addition, threw several sets of forks and knives at the staff before departing. The next day after practice, the then Nuggets coaching staff ordered the players to head back to the Chop House to apologize personally to those they abused at the restaurant. Vandeweghe was incensed at the then head coach for ordering this edict.

>Carmello Anthony was found with Marijuana in his bag as the team was headed for a road trip out of Denver International Airport. The Nuggets acted quickly to squash the claim - then orchestrated a scenario where one of Anthony's friends would take the blame by saying it was his drugs and not Carmello Anthony's. Vandeweghe was in top form manipulating this story - with help form the Nuggets media minions of course.

>One night when comedian Chris Rock was performing here in Denver, several players led by Carmello Anthony showed up - but had tickets in the last few rows. A Nuggets season ticket holder noticed the players in the back of the concert hall and told them that he had one extra ticket for a player of their choosing if they wanted it? Anthony accepted the ticket - and while the kind gentleman headed for the concession stand to get some food and drinks with his family and friends, the players headed for the front row seats that were now temporarily vacated. When the gentleman returned just in time as Chris Rock was taking the stage, he asked the players to vacate the seats that were his...only to be told by the Nuggets players, that instead of them heading for the back rows of the concert hall - that this man who was generous enough to give them a single front row ticket should flip flop seats with them. "Don't you realize who we are", they asked him? The guy was irate, the show couldn't start on time because of the confrontation that developed, and the guy ended up leaving the concert instead of arguing with the very players whose salaries he helped to pay. He called Nuggets GM Kiki Vandeweghe first thing the next morning, only to be told by Vandeweghe that "there must have been a good reason why they wouldn't move for you".

>While a member of the Nuggets, the Rodney White loaded gun charges went almost completely unreported by the Denver Post & The Rocky Mountain News.

The individual I spoke with said that the Nuggets have become the most dysfunctional and most paranoid organization in the NBA - and that they are a franchise that allows the inmates to run the asylum.

This person wasn't surprised in the least at the outcome of my Kenyon Martin wild adventure - nor was he surprised to learn that Denver Post Nuggets beat writer Adam Thompson has distanced himself from me, because Thompson couldn't stand the thought of being outside the Nuggets circle of trust by aligning himself with a person who dared ask questions that weren't the everyday Fluffanutter.

And now the latest issue being tucked under the powder blue Nuggets carpet - that of a player on the team being involved with several of the Nuggets dancers - which resulted in several of the girls quitting over the last few weeks.

My source isn't surprised at all.

With the dysfunctional Nuggets, with the help of their media minions, its all about spin baby.

Kenyon Martin? Take away his dunks and you're left with a player who shoots 32% from the floor - who gets paid 14 million dollars a year in the process.

The three headed monster of Kiki Vandeweghe, assistant GM David Fredman, and assistant GM Jeff Weltman, continue to provide the city of Denver with a mediocre product - and underachieving one, with a head coach more paranoid than the Clinton administration ever was. 




2 of the girls who you are referring to were sitting in section 122 the other night. What happened? Were they forced to quit because they were involved with a player? You say it is being covered up - which player was this?

How do you know the two (2) former dancers at the game the other night? And if you know them, then what information can you yourself provide?

At this juncture I can't and won't comment any further about that particular issue.

Too much is still unknown to provide absolute confirmation.

However I am not the only individual to hear about these rumors... rumors that the mainstream press continues to ignore playng the role as the Nuggets lackeys...
Rodney White would have been 23 or 24 when that Chop House incident supposedly occured. Check your facts.

Also, it's "Carmelo" ... not "Carmello"

I was at the Chris Rock event you speak of. I was in the 5th row, center. Nothing of what you said is even remotely true. Anthony indeed, sat with whom you spoke but the incident you describe never happened. Who is spinning now?
Blogs are not your fifteen minutes of fame. You can't pick on professional athletes because they make more money than you. Even replying to this absurd (and poorly written) story gives you way too much validation, but I felt that you need to know how jaded you are.

I'll agree with one notion already posted - I am not impressed with my ability (or lack of it) to write columns effectively on a par with what a professional is able to do. I have great admiration for those who can put pencil to paper and do so very well.

However, "jaded"?

In what way?

No more jaded than the press corps that surrounded White House press Secretary Scott McClellan yesterday, peppering him with questions and interrupting him on several occasions concerning the VP shooting story.

Taking on high ranking elected officials is okay - but standing up to athletes is taboo? Please!

I should have clarified more clearly about the Chop House Restaurant story - the player in question who was not served anything to drink was Carmello Anthony. However the incident did indeed happen, and this story was related to me from an impeccable source. Both players were made to go back the next day and apologize for their should have been the case.

As to the Chris Rock concert I stand by what I was told - Chris Rock appeared on more than one night, perhaps you were at a concert that was not the night in question? The Chris Rock story comes straight from the same source who told me the Chop House story.

To conclude I don't require 15 minutes of fame on this website.
I possess 10 hours of broadcast time on the radio each week, in addition to 3 hours of television if you count the initial airings of Raw Sports, and the repeats done after that.

I thank all who have contributed to this blog, thank you for your time in visiting the website, and encourage you to continue to speak your voice about the issues and items presented here.

By the way, I'll be at the CU-Oklahoma game tonight in the peoples republic of Boulder.

I'll be the guy with the Nuggets hat on...the old scholl "Maxi Miner" blue Nuggets hat.
A different noght of the show?!?! That is the best you got? Dude, what are the odds that Melo showed up to two separate Chris Rock shows where a person gives him a seat? I was there, you were not. You remember things like sitting behind an NBA player at a concert, and he was nothing but courteous.

Two items:

1-The source on this story was around Carmello and the Nuggets playing personnel - virtually every day the season of this incident.

2-I spoke with the season ticket holder in question...who yes, confirmed the validity of the report I was given.
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