Sunday, February 26, 2006

By DinoCosta
February 26, 2006
I cannot come to a decision on what is worse?
The White House and and Republican party people endorsing this $7 billion deal giving the United Arab Emirates-owned Dubai Ports World control over significant operations at six major American ports in New York, New Jersey, New Orleans, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Miami?
Or...the Democrats and their sudden shift in philosophy regarding their criticism of this deal - and the sudden change of heart that goes with it, a little something that could be referred to as racial long as it can be attached to anything that serves their purpose in flaming the current President?
Choose your own poison.
In this age of living in a world that is under continuous terrorist threat from a multitude of different angles, I cannot justify this move by the White House at all.
Yes, I understand that we now live within the parameters of a global business community that has different ownership groups with many companies - that represent hundreds of nations all over the world.
But to me this is different.
I had Los Angeles radio talk show host John Ziegler on my program recently - and Ziegler thinks this deal with the UAE to be a completely over-hyped story that doesn't possess the numerous negative features that I and others continue to talk about.
Ziegler also made the point of saying on my program, that the UAE wouldn't risk becoming a part of any terrorist plot against the United States, because America would then blame who else, but the UAE.
I contend that without "terrorism" having any nation to call its own, it can, and does in its nomadic existence, strike countries without having to claim any one piece of territory or land as its own.
Sure we know that terrorist groups exist in multiple countries, and we have targeted selected areas of certain countries to bomb in retaliation of their activities.
But the White House isn't able to say for instance, that terrorism's home ballpark is located specifically and only in Iraq. Or Iran. Or in Saudi Arabia. Or in Afghanistan.
With this in mind, my concern is that we have now given "terrorism", not the UAE, a backstage pass, to plan and implement possible life threatening action against large numbers of United States citizens.
The red flags on this deal are endless.
How does one get around ignoring the fact that the 911 attack on America had Saudi ties? This of course is supposing that you believe it to be true that the Government has been completely honest with all of us concerning the 911 attacks. Conspiracy theorists like myself can stay after class on this one for additional thoughts and conjecture.
Thank you.
How is it that all of a sudden a country that has proven to be less than trustworthy in their support of America - is now given control of managing all incoming and outgoing cargo in this country?
From what I am to understand, port security and quality control issues are suspect without the UAE's involvement to begin with.
If this new addition to potential terrorist activity is eventually exploited by those seeking to do harm to this country - will people then point to the UAE's involvement and lack of concern for this country and its well being?
Of course they will.
But Saudi Arabia will beg this criticism off, and just like John Ziegler pointed out on my show earlier this week, they would claim ignorance and cite the massive financial investment they have made to acquire controlling interest in these ports as reason enough for people to think twice before accusing them of any kind of ill minded intentions.
Which is why this is a lose-lose proposition right from the moment of conception.
Is this deal in the best interests of the United States Of America and her people?
Is this deal in the best interest of Homeland Security and the myriad obstacles this branch of the Government faces each day in attempting to keep our borders safe?
This deal is neither of those things - what it is, is a breach of trust, another example of how the elite in this world are continuing to spin and direct the domino's in their favor to fashion an eventual take over that will dictate how future lives will be led the world over.
Our lives right now are in the midst of significant change, a slippery slope of new laws and laws broken, that are giving you and me less in the way of personal freedoms, and more in the way of manipulative and cunning vehicles designed to infringe upon the very liberties that the Constitution provides for.
But what am I talking about?
Who cares?
Unfortunately not that many people to be honest.
Too many in our gone to hell country are oblivious to the Kool-Aid being fed down the throats of those who are eagerly looking for second helpings - than to possess the smarts to see all the pictures falling off the walls.
Who has time for this stuff, when we're talking about how the Nuggets still haven't addressed their outside shooting concerns, or what the Broncos can do to get back to the AFC Championship game?
President Bush sounds more and more like a Liberal Democrat when he talks about hurting the feelings of the Saudis and other people in the middle east by stopping this deal from going through.
Funny when one thinks that the President likes to refer to himself as a "War President", then goes ahead and gives the green light to a transaction that has trouble written all over it.
Question: Does this deal make it easier for terrorist groups to strike again on American soil, Mr President?
Anyone answering that question that says "no", is...well, just plain stupid.
Apparently a top secret U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, decided recently that there was no security risk for America involved in this deal.
Was Saddam Hussein and Bin-Laden on that panel?
Look folks, when it comes to Politicians, when it comes to the power elite in this world, there are deals being made all the time that have nothing at all to do with national security interests - and everything to do with how much money, power, and control, will be transferred in any one of a number of different transactions being consummated.
This deal is most likely a part of that world Government system that looks at you and I as nothing more than ants.
Please, if I keep going with this thing, I'll soon begin to dive head first into other conviction based feelings I have on the planned destruction of America and its on going strategy.
I'll conclude for now by saying that this thing reeks of a repugnant aroma that can be smelled all the way out here in Denver, and throughout the state of Colorado.
And we're not even close to any water.
p.s. I'm a member of the Constitution Party. You do remember the Constitution?

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Story supplied by DINOCOSTA

For more on this issue I thought a recent story by Chuck Baldwin made some excellent points.

Baldwin: Hammer - Nail - Head

Dubai Deal Is Dumb

By Chuck Baldwin

Constitution Party 2004 Vice-Presidential Candidate

Let me get this straight. We are engaged in a war against Iraq and Afghanistan. We might be planning a war against Iran. We are fighting a war against terrorism. In order to effectively fight the war on terrorism, our federal government must spy on American citizens. This includes tapping our phone lines, capturing our emails, opening our mail, and seizing our bank and medical records. Furthermore, none of this federal spying and eavesdropping should be subject to court oversight, as it might jeopardize "national security."

However, while the Bush administration is telling the American people that they need not be afraid their personal liberties are disappearing, it is giving its approval for the transfer of six major U.S. ports to a United Arab Emirates government-owned and operated company.

President Bush assures the American people that the UAE is our ally in the war on terrorism. However, he fails to mention that at least two of the 9/11 hijackers were from there. He also doesn’t mention the fact that the UAE was one of only three countries in the entire world to formally recognize the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. Neither does he mention the fact that "investigators have found signs that money used to finance terrorism flowed through Dubai banks." (Source: New York Daily News)

If Congress doesn’t intervene, the UAE-owned company will soon take control of facilities in the ports of New York, New Jersey, New Orleans, Miami, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. To which Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma said, "Handing the keys to US strategic ports to a regime that recognized the Taliban is not a sound next step in our war against terror." That’s putting it mildly.

Coburn also warned that the Dubai Ports World agreement "could seriously undermine our national security." Indeed it could. Consider the fact that less than 5% of goods received at our nation’s ports are inspected.

A New York Representative was even more direct. Vito Fossella said, "We cannot cede control of strategic assets to foreign nations with spotty records on terrorism." He added, "The lack of transparency has left many questions unanswered as to why the UAE would be granted control of United States strategic assets." Amen.

Add to the Dubai deal an outlandishly ludicrous policy regarding legal and illegal immigration and one must question not only the strategies of this White House but also the motives!

For example, what has Bush done to deport the thousands of potential terrorists from known terrorist nations that currently reside in the United States? Nothing. Instead of subjecting the American people to unconstitutional abridgements of their liberties, he should be using the power of his office to rid America of people from terrorist nations that are walking freely in our country!

It is a fact that Middle Eastern Muslims are living and working in the United States in gigantic numbers. Thousands of them are working in hi-tech, governmental, and manufacturing jobs. They are also found in our military and law enforcement agencies in large numbers. Thousands more are here on student visas, and many more are using marriages to American women to gain entry. In fact, only Hispanic numbers are growing faster.

Walk just about anywhere in downtown Detroit, Michigan, and one will hear the bells of Mosques ringing out loudly and often. The same could be said for parts of many large American cities. One published report I read said that there are more Mosques currently being built in the United States than churches! This has long been true in Great Britain. Now it’s occurring in America.

Can you imagine the United States allowing Japanese and German people unrestricted access to America during World War II? In light of this, how can President Bush look the American people in the eye with a straight face and tell us he is fighting a war on terror? If it wasn’t so serious, it would be hilarious!

Furthermore, what has Bush done to stop the deluge of illegal aliens that are pouring across our borders? Nothing. Not only has he done nothing to stem the tide of illegal immigration, he has advanced policies that have induced the rapid expansion of illegal immigration!

Instead of asking the American people to surrender their liberties, he should be doing everything he can to stop the entrance of potential terrorists into our country! It is absolutely ludicrous to send an army half way around the world to fight terrorists and leave our own borders wide open!

And now President Bush wants to turn American ports over to Middle Eastern control. This is dumb. No, this is insane!

I can already see Washington’s response to the next terrorist attack: martial law declared against American citizens or actions to the same effect. But, of course, the welcome mat will still be out for illegal aliens and Middle Eastern Muslims.

Never mind that it was Bush’s policies and inactions (along with those of his predecessors) that allowed the 9/11 hijackers to legally enter and live in the United States. Never mind that it is his policies and inactions that continue to make America vulnerable to our enemies.

It seems the only thing people in Washington, D.C., know how to do is squander tax dollars and expunge constitutional liberties. They seem inept at doing anything else!

When will the American people wake up to what politicians of both parties are doing to them? At this point, I’m not sure they ever will.

© Chuck Baldwin

Tim Russert's Meet The Press for this Sunday 2-26-06...

Please Note: Due to NBC's coverage of the Olympics, Meet the Press will air at special times in several local markets -- including 11:00 am in Washington and New York City. Click here to check for airtimes in your area.

An uproar and congressional rebellion has erupted over the Bush administration's approval of a deal to hand over operations at 6 major U.S. ports to a government-owned company from the United Arab Emirates. The company has since decided to put the deal on hold, as the president negotiates and consults with Congress. Where does the discussion -- and the future of port security -- go from here? We will ask the man who led the congressional fight against the deal, the Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, Rep. Peter King (R-NY), and a key senator who has defended President Bush's decision, the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, Sen. John Warner (R-VA), in an exclusive joint-interview on this Sunday's "Meet the Press with Tim Russert." The two key chairmen will also address the recent violence in Iraq, the possibility of an Iraqi civil war, and what it means for U.S. troops in the region.

Then, he's back. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA), whose ballot initiatives lost resoundingly in the November elections, joins us in studio to discuss a variety of key California and U.S. issues - only on "Meet the Press."

Tim Russert is moderator of "Meet the Press." Betsy Fischer is the executive producer. Michelle Jaconi and Rebecca Samuels are producers.

"Meet the Press" will be seen in Washington, D.C. and New York City at 11 a.m. ET, this week due to Olympic coverage. Please consult the following list for airtimes in other markets, or our website: for more details.

All coming up on this Sunday's "Meet the Press."
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