Tuesday, March 28, 2006

By Dino Costa
March 28, 2006
Yes, you.
You...are losing your country with each passing day.
The America that is sung about in so many Patriotic songs is only a figment of your imagination at this point.
The Barbarians have seemingly stormed the gates - and nobody is willing to stop them.
In the process you have lost your country. Maybe not all of it, not yet, but the end is so much sooner than many of you may think.
On tonight's "O'Reilly Factor", Mr. Bill conversed with a Latino organizer directly responsible for accumulating the large gatherings this past weekend in Los Angeles as well as here in Denver.
The organizer, dripping with arrogance and pride, noted that similar efforts to organize groups such as the Minutemen down on the border proved futile - in comparison with the thousands upon thousands that showed up in solidarity very recently.
There are many people who will be critical of people like myself who believe that people who are in this country illegally (in other words law breakers) should be shipped out quickly if found to be here as an undocumented "illegal alien".
So much for protesting against being able to break the law!
Let me make clear my feelings on this issue so there is no misunderstanding.
If you are in this country illegally, without going through the proper channels that could enable you to become an American citizen, then I want you and yours out of the United States yesterday.
I don't qualify these remarks either with some soft soap soliloquy that others do so as not to be deemed a racist, or any other derogatory false name that the law breakers like to employ.
Where does the money go that these illegal seasonal workers who I'm supposed to cry a river for go to?
Is it re-invested into the American economy? No! It's sent back home to some land that uses that money to their advantage.
Do these off the books seasonal workers pay taxes like most American workers do?
And please hold off on this crappola about how the Latin American workers are taking jobs that no American in their right mind would want. This is nonsense and an insult to anyone with even half a brain.
Is this a country of laws? No, this is a country of sheep, and it's getting worse and worse with each passing day.
Yesterday America was on the losing end once again.
Yesterday the Senate Judiciary Committee approved sweeping election year legislation that clears the way for 11 million illegal aliens to seek U.S. citizenship, a clear victory for all of those (illegal or not) who have paraded in streets the last few days.
Strike two: The bipartisan committee also voted down proposed criminal penalties on immigrants found to be in the country illegally.
Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., seeking re-election this fall in his border state, said the bill offered amnesty to illegal immigrants, and sought unsuccessfully to insert tougher provisions. He told fellow committee members that the economy would turn sour some day and Americans workers would want the jobs that now go to illegal immigrants. They will ask, "how could you have let this happen," he added.
Hey Jon, lemme let ya in on a secret pal, they're gonna allow a lot more than what is currently on the table before it's all said and done.
The idiot on the O'Reilly Factor tonight, didn't feel that the United States Military should have any role in bringing some integrity to our borders - believing that they should stay away and just concentrate on matters in the Middle east.
So two victorious World Wars were enough to call upon our military to do battle - but strengthening our borders is something that is beyond their reach?
Isn't it in the Constitution that our Military is supposed to protect this country from all foreign invaders?
The Liberal in Chief - in all of his infinite wisdom - is completely out to lunch on this issue and always has been.
The one voice of reason has been coming from Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) who is one of the few people who have all their lights working.
Tancredo correctly pointed out the not so obvious to some people I guess, when he said on Monday, "The crime they have committed is coming into this country without our permission. The penalty that is supposed to be applied to that, under the law that we have today, is deportation."
Part of the problem with all of the momentum that is being built by people protesting on American soil, who have zero right to even be in this country to begin with, is that YOU haven't gotten up off your duff to do a single thing about their takeover of YOUR country!
Keep looking at only what will happen tomorrow folks, and your country will be gone before you know it. You'll wake up one day and say out loud, "how did that happen?"
>Pastor Fred Phelps who has protested here in Denver the last several days, picketing in front of funeral homes, and church's, is very wrong, and should be ashamed of his almost inhuman treatment of the dead soldiers in those caskets who were being grieved by their families. However I do find some common ground with the guy on a few other issues that are not to be disputed. He is indeed correct when he claims that America is doomed. All one needs to do is to look around and take stock of the signs of these awful times we are living through. He is also correct about the total depravity and outright apostasy that exists within society. He is also right on the money about the fact that many Pastors have whored themselves out to the masses of folks who want nothing but a "feel good" message delivered to them - ignoring and completely obliterating the bibles message on sin and redemption.
>The Nuggets are Paper Tigers and will remain so until they prove they can win games on the road against teams with winning records. The 5-2 road trip was a mirage that was completely distorted - as some sort of an awakening with this team by the always hear no evil-see no evil Denver media. They beat a tired and worn out San Antonio team last week playing a second consecutive game on the road, while the Nuggets came into that contest rested...and ready. Phoenix anyone?
>I hope that Barry Bonds wakes up tomorrow and isn't able to extend his aching elbow for at least the next two years.
>Remind me one more time now. Who and what show, sets the standard for Denver sports talk radio?
>Hollywood actor/activist Sean Penn has admitted that he has a plastic doll of conservative US columnist Ann Coulter - that he likes to abuse when he gets real angry.  "We violate her. There are cigarette burns in some funny places. She's a pure snake-oil salesman. She doesn't believe a word she says." Talk about a guy with some very real issues, eh?
>Nice to see that Condoleezza Rice forgave St. Louis based talk radio host Dave Lenihan, who was immediately fired last week after he referred to her in a slip of the tongue as "a big coon."  Said Rice who obviously still resides in the real world, "My understanding is that he apologized, that he didn't mean it." "I accept that," she said. "Because we all say things from time to time that we shouldn't say or didn't mean to say. And so I accept it." The radio station (KTRS) which lives in the sickening politically incorrect world of fantasy, should be ashamed that it fired a guy who to the best of my knowledge never had any prior "slips", and who was obviously very sorry for using the wrong words that he did.
>From a monetary standpoint, Howard Stern has made out like a bandit with his move to Sirius Satellite Radio. From an artistic standpoint however - and from a listener standpoint, the jury is still way out, and the early returns don't favor Stern. The results of a new survey conducted by Rock radio consultants Jacobs Media show that Howard Stern's move to Sirius has helped that satellite radio company match or surpass the subscriber rate of rival XM among Rock radio listeners. But approximately 70% of Stern's regular listeners acknowledge they've stayed with commercial radio morning shows. The biggest winners appear to be many of Stern's former FM competitors.
>Clint Hurdle is easily my favorite Denver sports personality right now.
>What was the purpose of the Tiger Woods appearance this past Sunday on 60 Minutes? What new ground did this piece provide? Could Ed Bradley have embarrassed himself anymore than he did - with what turned out to be nothing more than a positive PR machine for Tiger the entire time the piece aired? Where was the insight, where was even one new piece of revealing info about Golf's most dominant player? Wait a second, Bradley is about to laugh at something else that Tiger has just said.
>Sean Penn has actually given me an idea. The Kenyon Martin doll? Nah, I'm sure someone else has already beaten me to the punch.

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rite on dino! ship out all the mexucans and then the blaks too and the non christins. ban womans sports and make them stay home by law. this is a mans white christin country and should be one again. sports will be more pure like they use to be. i love your show! your the only one who tells the truth besides tancredo.
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