Thursday, March 30, 2006

By Dino Costa
March 30, 2006
>Dan Issel gets fired (officially termed a resignation) as head coach of the Nuggets, for yelling back at a fan inside the Pepsi Center on December 11, 2001. The fan had been screaming insults at Issel all game long - and his vulgarity was witnessed by numerous people who both heard and saw him. Issel responded by calling him a "Mexican piece of shit". Lest anyone have any doubt, the guy was acting like a Mexican piece of crap. If the shoe fits...? Rumors continue to make the rounds that the individual (the Mexican piece of crap) was given carte blanche treatment at Nuggets games the rest of that season. And the world...goes round and round.
>The Major League Soccer franchise in San Jose relocated to Houston for this upcoming season -- in fact the Rapids will open their season in Houston later this week. With team names for franchises all used up for the most part, this Houston franchise struck gold with a unique moniker that set it apart from teams that come up with lame for instance the name "Dynamo". They were officially christened as the "Houston 1836", the year that the city was founded. A minority of Latin American fans in the Houston area voiced their displeasure. Team president Oliver Luck apologized for the offensive nickname saying that, "it was clear we'd hit a raw nerve in the community, we didn't want to offend anybody." Don't you worry Oliver - I think it's safe to assume that you offended many more people like myself for changing the name of the team - instead of the small vocal minority that you ended up kow towing to. So instead of raw nerving people, they re-named the team the Houston Dynamo. Along with the city of Houston being founded in 1836 - it also is the year that Texas gained its independence from Mexico. Heaven help us by the way if any British people in the New England region are offended by their teams name, the New England Revolution. Perhaps we can all thank Raul Ramos for all of this name game blame shame stuff? Ramos is a history professor (at what institution other than the mental one I have not been able to find out) and he penned an op-ed piece for the Houston Chronicle. Ramos not only insisted that the franchise change the name, but also complained that, "The team logo compounds the connection [to the secession from Mexico] by depicting Sam Houston on horseback, leading the charge against Mexican troops." if one gives any credence to Senor' Ramos' question is, "so what?" Or another way for me to react to the Ramos suggestion is to say, "and...what?" Hmmm. And let me get this straight Mr. Ramos - a franchise depicting Sam Houston is not okay, but you earning your living in a city named for the man is kosher? Come to think of it how anyone could even live in the state of Texas is well beyond my comprehension. Do you know that they have a stadium in San Antonio called of all things, the "Alamodome"? Anyone have any figures for me on how many Mexicans were killed in that famous battle? Get back to me with those statistics as soon as you can. So lets boil this down to the bare essence if we can. Is it okay for me to deduce that with this flip flopping over the Houston 1836 name, that a soccer team based in Houston, Texas, is actually ashamed to associate itself with the founding of Houston, or the history of Texas? And the world...goes round and round.
>On the night of February 8, Nuggets Forward and resident punk Kenyon Martin, got into it with some fans in the stands at the Pepsi center - for heckling him. According to those on the scene Martin objected to fans questioning his heart and toughness. Also according to fans who witnessed this, the fans did not utter any vocabulary at Martin which has been censored by the FCC. Martin responded by sending his "boys' up into the stands to confront the individual(s) who had the courage to question this jackass stealing money ever since he arrived in Denver. After the game ESPN reporter Jim Gray told the story of he and other ESPN personnel witnessing Martin going through a "profanity-laced tirade" toward a group of fans...after another Nuggets home court loss that evening. The NBA ended up docking Martin with a 15K fine - but the Nuggets (predictably) never admonished their player even a little bit. Two night's later, Martin cursed at me, three times, before I determined that I wasn't going to take such roughshod treatment from such a piss-ant personality who has no respect for anyone with an above 6th grade education. The result? The Nuggets yanked my credentials for the rest of the season. And the world...goes round and round.
>Never before has being a law breaker been more in style than it is right now in this country. According to some piece of paper somewhere, being in this country without permission is a misdemeanor - a crime. Rallies and protests against the United States passing legislation which would make it tougher to break this law - making it a felony, have been going on the last few weeks here in Denver and in other places. Thousands of Mexicans have been in effect, asking for Mexican law breakers to be left alone, saying that it is their right to be here in America - that they want to be here in America...and then they proceed to fly Mexican flags all over the place, instead of American flags which would more signify their desire to be Americans. When people like myself object to their conduct, we are called....drum roll please....racists. Could you imagine what would happen in some other foreign land (like Mexico maybe?) if a high school Principal ran an American flag up the pole? In Houston yesterday Reagan High School Principal Robert Pambello hoisted a Mexican flag below that of a USA and Texas flags, a symbol he agreed to fly to show support for his predominantly Hispanic student body. He was ordered by the school administration to take the flag down. And the world...goes round and round.


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