Friday, March 10, 2006

GIANT IDEA: Release Barry Bonds
By DinoCosta
March 10, 2006
Release him.
Cut him.
Terminate him.
Call it Bud Selig's dream scenario.
Peter McGowen can make it happen.
McGowen owns the San Francisco Giants.
Don't want Barry Bonds to have any opportunity to hit any more home runs, no further opportunity to pass Babe Ruth or Henry Aaron on the all-time home run list?
Waiver him goodbye.
No team = No more at bats.
Who in their right mind would pick up Barry Bonds at this juncture?
Not even the Yankees would dare throw him a life raft at this point - not after going through their own horror story with steroids with a guy named Jason Giambi.
McGowen would do all of baseball a gigantic favor by placing Bonds on waivers and giving him his unconditional release immediately.
Then every other team in the major leagues should pool their resources to come up with the same amount of money to give to McGowen for having the stones to pay off Barry Bonds contract.
Let Bonds try and prove it though - because at this point Bonds has no leverage nor any credibility of which to speak.
There wouldn't be much fight left in this dog.
Maybe this is what has to happen seeing that Bud Selig doesn't have the nerve or the stomach...or the spine, to do what he should have done long ago, in directing an independent panel to look into this drug mess - and then clean it up like Bart Giamatti once did with another disgraced player by the name of Pete Rose.
With Bonds out of work, out of a team, out of at bats, maybe then baseball can go about cleaning up this black eye it sports.
Fire Barry Bonds.
Do it.
Watch a whole bunch of people suddenly smile all at once.

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