Tuesday, March 21, 2006

By DinoCosta
March 21, 2006
So nice to see some other media representative doing battle today...not named Dino Costa.
If Helen Thomas was ever brave enough to question the Nuggets and any of their personnel, the way she tried to grill President Bush today, she would have been given a one way ticket out of DIA to some other destination like maybe Jacksonville.
For good measure, as she was being led out of the Pepsi Center, a certain Nuggets public relations official would have told her that her press credentials were history too.
Actually Thomas missed the boat today - in that she did not have the courage to tell President Bush that she felt, that the President was bound and determined to go to war once he stepped inside the White House building. Rather she inferred that it was a taken for granted feeling, that Bush was intent on invading Iraq when he became the President. She could have said that, "the prevailing notion in many people's minds is that you were determined to go to war as soon as you assumed the Presidency..." but she didn't. This was an angry old women set to do battle with the Prez today. She wanted a fight - got a fight...and nobody asked her for her White House press credentials? Is this how it works in the grown up world of media?
Speaking of the Nuggets, hold the applause please. While the city is just about set to give the powder blue boys a ticker tape parade for a 5-2 road trip, let us examine this with a little bit more objectivity...and sanity?
Yes, the Nuggets went 5-2, advanced their position in the putrid Northwest Division, and won some games that they were supposed to win.
But let's all exhale a bit, okay? They didn't just knock off the 94-95 Rockets, the 85-86 Celtics, and the 76-77 Trailblazers.
Instead they beat 5 teams - all of them with significant flaws, let us also not forget that they lost to the 2005-06 Celtics, who currently sport a record of 28-40 - and the one quality team they faced on the trip (Memphis), waxed Denver but good, to the tune of 116-102.
The five teams the Nuggets beat on the trip?
Philadelphia - Toronto - New York - Indiana - New Orleans - have a current collective record of 139 wins, and 189 losses. For those who aren't too good with math (like me) that is a cumulative record of 50 games under .500
Now if the Nuggets want some real credit beating some legitimate teams, they can start with tomorrow night's opponent, the San Antonio Spurs...at the Pepsi Center.
In fact if Denver wants to be really congratulated - go ahead and finish 5-2 with the next seven games on the schedule.
After the Spurs, it's Seattle at home, Phoenix on the road, Utah at home, Minnesota at home, at Dallas, and at the L.A. Clippers.
They go 5-2 against those teams, then we'll have something to talk about.
>I would say this even if I wasn't an FSN Rocky Mountain employee - the Spotlight show that was produced and broadcast tonight featuring Rockies manager Clint Hurdle, was an exceptional piece of sports television. If you haven't seen it yet, I would urge you to do so when it re-airs.
>I was looking forward to watching Don Imus on Larry King Live tonight - instead the audience was treated to a full hour of Imus' more than annoying wife, Diedre, who wouldn't shut up for a second.
>Utah Jazz Forward Carlos Boozer - appears to have been bamboozled, by the Rock Star, Prince. Boozer leased a Los Angeles home to the used to be a star singer - and Prince decided to do an extreme makeover...in purple of course. Here is some of what Boozer alleges in a lawsuit he filed today against Prince: unauthorized work done on the 10-bedroom, 11-bath West Hollywood property, which is owned by the C Booz Multifamily I LLC. According to the lawsuit, Prince/MPG Music violated its eight-month lease by "painting the exterior of the [house] with purple striping, 'prince' symbol, and numbers 3121." Prince's new album, "3121," is scheduled for release tomorrow. Inside the home, among other renovations, a purple monogrammed carpet was installed in the master bedroom and plumbing and piping was added in the downstairs bedroom "for water transfer for beauty salon chairs."
>The "Agreed Upon Lie"? As far as accuracy in the radio industry is concerned, there are many who refute the findings of many Arbitron reports, that are used as a barometer in my hideous industry, to see what stations people are listening to. My recent visit to the website of Radio & Television Business Report (www.rbr.com) found an interesting note from a Mr. Mario Hieb, who is a broadcast consulting engineer. Here is what Mr. Hieb had to say about radio ratings, as they pertain specifically to the very unscientific Arbitron reports that are routinely disseminated: "One of the first things we learned in engineering school is how to take measurements and the accuracy of instruments. The instrument must be at least an order of magnitude greater accuracy than the measurement. If Arbitron followed the same standard, there would be no decimal points in their reports. Perhaps it is a good thing that Arbitron is in the audience measurement business and not building bridges, designing airplanes, etc. Look at any Arbitron report - - it is pages and pages of collated data, followed by several pages of legal disclaimers as to why it isn't accurate. As a former GM of mine once told me...'Arbitron is the agreed upon lie' ".
Speaking of the radio industry...are you sure you wanna a job in this racket?  For your reading pleasure (and to give you reason to think twice) I have decided to include this rather confusing job posting I found on a radio industry website.
Check this out:
Talk Show Host-Flint, MI.
Supertalk 1570, WWCK-AM in Flint, Michigan is searching for our next local 9a-12n talk show superstar. We’re looking for someone who is very well read that follows local and regional news and current events. Working closely with a local producer, the successful candidate will have the ability to ask questions, raise issues and inspire the listening audience to respond to issues and topics that are of importance in the region. This show will be highly phone interactive and serve as a forum for public opinion.

We are not looking for someone to simply spout their personal political and social views.

If talk radio is you passion, please forward your resume’ and mp3 air check to:

Jeff Wade
Director of Operations and Programming
Cumulus Media, Inc.
6317 Taylor Drive
Flint, Michigan 48507

>Okay, so let's see if we have this right? Jeff is looking for a radio "superstar", yet he is not looking for someone to simply spout their personal political and social views? Can anyone else say "Red Flag!!!"  With marching orders like the ones Jeff left for the poor bastard who eventually ends up taking this gig - I don't understand why Jeff doesn't simply take the job himself? See if the receptionist can fit it into her schedule, Jeff. With Jeff's description of this position, how hard could this airshift really be? Of course Jeff also mentions in CAPITAL LETTERS that a phone call to his office is forbidden. Why in the heck would Jeff want to talk with a potential qualified candidate, is really beyond me too. We are in the "communication" business? However this is par for the course unfortunately in radio these days. Heaven forbid if Jeff was looking for something uniquely distinctive, something original, something electric and pulsating...ya know, something that a "Superstar" might possess? Most programmers are looking for "bots", as in "robots", who will take orders, not ask any questions, and fill up the station van whenever it needs gassing. A Superstar? Good luck Jeff, I'll be keeping my eye on this position...and don't you worry about any uneeded phone calls from me.

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