Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I Found I Could Quit This Thing
By Dino Costa
March 7, 2006
I took in the World Baseball Classic game with the United States and Mexico in Phoenix today.
ESPN had the game on...on one of their channels.  Can't remember which one to be honest with you.  But trust me, they were televising the game.
If you have been listening to the radio show lately - you know that I feel no excitement over this tournament.
But by the time I got home this afternoon at about 3 PM, I turned on the game out of curiosity, and found that the USA was leading Mexico 1-0 in the 5th inning.
After two more innings the expected boredom began to settle in, and soon I found myself watching "The White Shadow", on NBA-TV.
The White Shadow then ended.
So I went back to check out the game I got bored with and just missed a Chipper Jones solo home run that put team USA up 2-0.
After another 45 seconds I started to channel surf again, and found myself wanting to see the movie "Amistad".
I never went back to the game.
I understand that team USA team won?
Good for them?
Is it okay by the way for me to root for my own country in this tournament...or should political correctness suggest to me that by rooting for the Red, White, and Blue, that this would be insensitive and hurt other people from other countries?
Personally I want team South Africa to win.
I know, not too Patriotic on my part.
>Joe Sakic just scored with 5:28 left in the 3rd period to tie the game with St. Louis at 1-1.
>The Houston MLS franchise just caved and crumbled like a cookie. They took one of the most creative team nicknames in awhile, listened to a few allegedly angry Latinos - then changed the name from the Houston 1836, to the boring and unimaginative Houston Dynamo. My fellow soccer compadre Jamie Trecker from the Fox Soccer Channel is smiling over this development.
>Do you think that Kenyon Martin misses me as much as I miss him?
>Barry Bonds used steroids?
>KNUS sports director Bill Rogan is going to make one outstanding program director someday. Just ask him.
>I'll bet dollars to donuts that Team Italy has the best post-game spread of all the teams.
>I've made a concerted effort to stop dipping chew. Just thought you may want to know that.
>What team will win this year's title game over in NFL Europe?
>The Avs & Blues have gone into overtime tied at 1-1. I like this Savvis Center that the Blues play in - but I find myself missing the Checkerdome every day. Where is Bernie Federko when you need him?
>The Rapids open their season on Sunday night April 2, when they visit Houston to take on the 1836. The 1836. The 1836. The 1836. That's the year that Houston was founded.
>Speaking of the Houston 1836 (I refuse to call them the Dynamo), I found this very interesting and insightful few paragraphs on another Internet site. So I'll share with you now:
It is truly amazing the influence and voice given to a small group of dissenters at the unwilling expense of the majority.
While this statement could be applied to virtually any subject, here it applies to a newly formed Major League Soccer (MLS) team in Houston, and a small group's offense taken to the team's name - Houston 1836.
To those unfamiliar with Texas history, give me a moment to bring you up to speed. 1836 is the year which brought independence to Texas when they defeated General Santa Anna and his Mexican Army at the Battle of San Jacinto, a battle which took place just a few miles from Houston. It is also the year that our city was founded, getting its name from General Sam Houston who led the Texas army.
The opposition came from a few Hispanics - primarily descendents of Mexico - that, in turn, grabbed the attention of a Hispanic City Councilwoman; all claim offense to the date because it reminds them of a sad period in Mexico's history.
Unfortunately, MLS was forced to play politics; a game which they should not be involved in. Houston's majority is Hispanic, making up some 42% of the population. They (MLS) view the Hispanics in Houston as vital to the growth of this new team. What they didn't see, was that most Hispanics supported the new name and were unfazed by the controversy spawned from this small segment of their community.
Ultimately, the majority lost. The result was not just a new name, but a new wound in our city. One that is open to infection of racial-biased and segregation. And for the fans, as much as I hope it isn't so, this rift which is dividing the soccer faithful may signal the beginning of the end for this team in Houston.
>The Avalanche (talk about a horrible team nickname) just won in overtime against St. Louis, although Joe Sakic remains goal-less in the shootout formula.

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