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My friend... Dino Costa had no idea I was going to "Blog" this. But I'm confident that he won't mind.

Yes Dino, as is often the case, is correct once again in that all things change.

Dino's kind reference to my web-work for him is most appreciated! I cannot express how much I have learned about "Radio" and how much fun working with him has been. It is not often in life that you get a chance to get in on the "ground floor" of helping create something special. Dino returning to Denver was indeed one of those times in life. If you listen to his show on a regular basis you have often heard him say what a hard business this "Radio" thing is. Yep... once again he is correct!

A none-to-secret thing to being successful is to never surround yourself with "yes" people. I was never that person to Dino and we indeed had some "lively" discussions on more topics than one could ever imagine... and we still remained friends. I doubt two people could ever have more different views on "Sports, Politics, Life... and Everything In Between" than we do. But friendship remains... and I trust always will. "Trust" is an important word. It is a word that Fox used when they put "RAW SPORTS with Dino Costa" on the air. Talent is another word they also used.

While I'm sure that there are those that will talk about why a new site is being created, I can assure you of one thing that Dino and I agree upon... we don't really care!

It's funny actually. If you listen to Dino enough you will one day find yourself so angry, so upset that you wil reach over and turn the radio OFF... for a moment... a brief moment. But you will then turn him back on. He will become a "preset" on your radio I assure you. I have "turned him off and then on" more times than I can count. I still do.

Despite what a few "others" may feel, anyone taking the time to actually get to know Dino will find he and his family to be among the most warm and caring individuals I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. You know where you stand with him. If you are lucky enough to have him as a friend then you are blessed. And if you are not then I can only say it is your loss...

So what's next? Well I hope to finally get Dino off his butt and go backpacking. It's going to be funny watching him gasp for breath as he hikes behind the "old guy". Just maybe I can get him up a Fourteener... Maybe I can get him to go shooting and finally find out if he can hit the side of a barn. Or perhaps, I can get him to stop thinking of reasons why he won't get on my motorcycle with me... now THAT is going to need video!

So I leave in the capable hands of a new "WebGuy" whom I know is working hard on his own new creation as I relinquish my title. I am perhaps the most interested in the new site of anyone reading these words. I'm sure I'll look at it differently than most.

"THE WebGuy"

The WebGuy has spoken.

The old geezer is much too kind in the many words he wrote in the blog and I cannot thank him enough for them.

I got to know The Webguy almost by accident the first time I was in Denver three years ago.

Since then we have always remained in touch with one another - and it has been my pleasure to know him and spend time with him and his family.

He is more than correct when he writes about our arguments and disagreements on issues that pertain to just about every area of life.

I too have turned the WebGuy off for a few minutes here and there over the last three plus years...but then I always make sure to seek him out again - and our friendship resumes.

The WebGuy has been an instrumental part of whatever success I have had since hitting the great state of Colorado.

He always has an open ended invitation to return to the website activities of the Dino Costa Show any time he may want to get involved again.

In fact from this point forward I will refer to him as "The WebGuy emeritus".

Thanks for everything my friend.

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