Sunday, April 02, 2006

By Dino Costa
April 3, 2006
Everything changes.
Nothing ever stays the same.
The Broncos uniform design underwent significant revision a few years ago.
The Nuggets had a terrific coach in Jeff Bzdelik, and now have an extremely overrated coach in George Karl.
See, everything changes.
This website is going through some changes as well.
In about two weeks we'll introduce the new and improved, updated, official Dino Costa web home.
However before we go forward it would be prudent to look back at the old site with some words of thanks.
The old site was maintained by my dear friend, "The WebGuy".
His work and creative flair made the old site one of the best radio talk show sites I have ever seen. The WebGuy threw his heart and soul into creating a stellar site that was very well received by the people who took the time to visit and make their way around it.
So my thanks (and yours too) should go to The WebGuy, who for a long time was as much a part of the Dino Costa Show as anyone or anything.
While the old site was terrific, the new site will be just as good I hope, but it will be different on a few levels.
Without giving too much away, I will tell you that the new site will be less cluttered, more easily navigated by the user, and it will contain less in the way of actual sports news, and more in the way of program and station news.
>Opening Day is here! There is really nothing like baseball's opening day. The NFL is certainly the 800 pound Gorilla on the American sporting scene, but nothing can compare with the start of another baseball season. It's amazing that baseball can still hold the magical allure that it does on opening day, despite repeated efforts by the bozos who run the game to shoot itself in the foot at every opportunity.
>To reiterate, the Rockies I feel, will be an exciting ballclub that will draw rounds of applause this season - as well as their fair share of groans from the patrons at Coors Field. This should be a fun team to watch as they try and find their place in the hearts and minds of Colorado sports enthusiasts. An 82-80 mark when it's all said and done is where I predict the Rox will finish this season.
>The Soprano's has become an awful program. Tonight's episode had me counting down the seconds for the show to end as quickly as possible. Sure there are 9 shows left in this latest Sopranoland sojourn, but the recent shows have felt more like weekday soap operas - than like the compelling programs we were used to seeing throughout the last several years.
>Feel as good about the Nuggets last six games as you did after their 5-2 over hyped road trip a few weeks back? Dallas annihilated The Nuggets on Sunday - and King George's troops now make their way into Los Angeles where the Clippers should handily dispatch the powder blue boys. After the 5-2 mirage, they came home, rested a few days, and then beat a tired San Antonio team. They beat a very bad Seattle bunch, lost to Utah on their own court, struggled to defeat a bad Minnesota club, and then today they were trounced by Dallas. They'll no doubt celebrate a Northwest divisional title in the next few weeks ahead and maybe this is what their coach meant when in the papers last week he classified this team as having a "great year?"
>Is there anyone else who feels as I do about the illegal immigration quandary our nation (is it still OUR nation?) is going through? I mean forget about the fact that I would like ALL illegal aliens dispatched back to wherever they came from on the next boat out to sea.  But does anyone else out there believe that the law breakers and their supporters would find a little bit more sympathy from us natives if they would wave American flags exclusively at their rallies and protests?
>I'm hearing that the New York Knicks will make a strong push this off-season to acquire Nuggets point guard, Andre Miller.
>The sports radio craft took another turn for the worse recently when Sirius Satellite Radio signed up no-talent Scott Ferrall to host a daily show on channel 101 of their system. I encourage everyone to give a listen to this illegitimate neanderthal of a talk radio host whenever you may find the time. Ferrell will be on weekdays from 8 PM to Midnight.
>In Longmont, Colorado, Skyline High School Principal Tom Stumpf has banned the American flag. Apparently the hostility between students who go to the school, who recognize that this is indeed The United States of America - got sick and tired of having Mexican flags thrown in their faces, and responded by waving American flags back at the students...who I gather would rather go to high school in Mexico City? Tom Stumpf should be fired immediately.
>The Avalanche aren't getting enough credit for the season they are having. Colorado had to deal with the loss of their premier offensive player when Peter Forsberg defected to Philadelphia. They also had to deal with the loss of arguably their best defenseman in Adam Foote who went to Columbus. Inconsistent goaltending has plagued them for much of the year - their blueline has been spotty for many games this season. They lost their leading goal scorer when Marek Svatos broke his shoulder, Alex Tanguay and MIlan Hejduk have missed stretches along the way. Yet the Avs have weathered all of this - and just a few days ago led the deepest division in the NHL. They'll make the post-season and despite some gloomy forecasts, I think the Avs could make some noise and surprise a few people. Also, despite all of the things the Avs have had to deal with in their season of transition - not once can I recall their head coach Joel Quennville lamenting unfortunate the other coach in that building does every other day.
>If the authors of Game Of Shadows are wrongly accusing Barry Bonds with such erroneous information - then why hasn't Bonds and his legal team filed a massive lawsuit against those liars?

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Quote: "and it will contain less in the way of actual sports news, and more in the way of program and station news."

"Less Sports News"? Why go to a Sports website if it has little or no Sports News?
Well as much as I would hope that some would go to my website to access their information on sports and or political news - the fact remains that there are hundreds of other websites devoted exclusively to those causes.

The new site will be more program and station intensive, the chronicles will remain a part of the new edition Dino Costa website - so the opinion will be there.

The site will primarily deal more with what is news so far as it relates to me and the program - and to the radio ststions my show is broadcast to.
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