Saturday, January 07, 2006


Exercising More Demons?


By DinoCosta



I've been thinking a lot about demons lately for a couple of reasons.

If you have been listening to my radio program (why wouldn't you be?) you heard me detail the "voices", that Lee has been hearing at times in his apartment.

Lee for the uninitiated, is my producer Roger's ace in the hole. His number one assistant - his right hand man...or whatever other cliche you feel like inserting.

Lee last heard the voices on New Year's eve while pounding some Bud Lights and waiting for the New Year to come around.

Lee told Roger that at one point that night that he started to take some swings at the voices - no word on whether any of his punches connected.

I offered Lee my services and told him I'd drop by his apartment to take care of these "voices", by insisting they leave, in the name of Christ Jesus. Amen!

The voices wouldn't stand a chance.

But Lee told me to hold off - that he was moving out soon to go into a brand new condominium with his mother. Lee will apparently leave the voices to have his apartment all to themselves and the next occupant.

If the voices only knew how close they were to having their asses unceremoniously kicked out to the curb if I had showed up with Jesus.

The other demons I keep hearing about, are from listeners of my show who tell me that my latest career move, the television program on FSN Rocky Mountain, is another step for me in exercising my alleged Denver demons - and completing my Denver comeback.


While the support is appreciated, I have to tell you that I don't consider myself having completed my Denver "comeback" in a way that is anything that is even close to being totally fulfilled.

Now in my seventh broadcast month doing the DinoCosta Show on the Radio Colorado Network, I am overjoyed to have a daily program disseminated to five (5) stations, and 87% of the Rocky Mountain state daily.

Likewise the blessing I feel over the faith that FSN Executives have showed in me (despite having zero experience in TV) cannot be expressed in words alone. It has in many ways restored my faith in others in their being able to discern my talent and ability, to execute and to deliver entertaining, and information based media products, with a heavy emphasis on my own opinions and comments.

Seven months back in Denver - with a radio, and now a television show, is quite a turnaround from when I headed out of Denver back in February of 04, headed east on I-70, then ultimately heading south to Florida for two years to continue my radio career.

But I'm not even close to being satisfied with where I am right now.

I won't be until I have crossed off each and every note I made to myself when I left Denver the first time - and vowed to come back stronger than I have ever been.

In other words, you ain't seen nothing yet.

As far as the radio show is concerned I can't complain about a single item. I'm a realist as much as I consider myself to be an idealist.

Working under the parameters of what the Radio Colorado Network is at this juncture, won't ever allow me to complete with other stations and or talk show hosts as far as quantifiable "numbers" are concerned, in relation to anything measured under an Arbitron rating system.

I have little in the way of promotion at the RCN with a Network that features me as a stand alone talk product, surrounded by nearly all business and brokered radio programs.

What doesn't belong and why!!!???

Can anyone say "niche" format? Personified, and then some.

While other hosts in Colorado may have the luxury of being on a heritage station, or stations that do throw dollars at promotional vehicles to assist them, or are stations that are more suited to the type of a product that I project and develop - my program is a babe in the woods, surrounded by a lead in show that tells you how to clean your colon effectively.

By a lead-in that tells you how to clean your colon effectively.

I just wanted to write that line again in case anyone may have missed it.

It is what it is.

Lest anyone think I am complaining - nothing could be further from the truth. I knew the deal when I arrived back in Denver in late June - I had been talking with the RCN from almost the moment I left Denver back in 2004, and I knew exactly what kind of stations they had and what they did with their stations.

The opportunity to come back to Denver however was too juicy to turn my back on - no matter the type of station.

I'm more than satisfied that anyone who chooses to listen to the Dino Costa Show on the RCN - can do so while being in nearly 87% of the state.

In addition, the flagship signal AM-1060, is a powerhouse, and has me heard clearly all throughout Denver, all the way south through Colorado Springs, and as far north as Laramie, Wyoming.

Upside? That's without a doubt the biggest and the best.

Outside of that, knowing the deal with the RCN and what they can and cannot do for me, the bulk of my ability to attract listeners is at my own two feet. I kill, gut, clean, and cook my own meat around here.

Being able to do my program as I so choose to do it, is yet another positive aspect to having the DinoCosta Show on the RCN. That and working with some terrific and very funny as well as talented people in the studios - in both Denver & Longmont.

To get paid pretty well to do a daily radio program - and now getting paid even better to do a television program is pretty nice. No, it's more than pretty nice, it's a blessing and I don't take a second of it for granted.

As far as content, and as far as information, opinion, and developing multi-faceted programs that challenge an audience - I don't feel anyone can even come close to touching what I do on the air each and every day. I'm talking about the radio part of the equation when I make this confident and somewhat cocky claim.

You expected me to say something else perhaps?

TV? I'm not sure - yet, although I'm encouraged with the start of things.

Like my radio comrades at the RCN - the guys and gals in the foxholes at FSN Rocky Mountain are as professional and as courteous, and as committed to developing a good product as anywhere can be found.

My transition on over into TV has been made so much easier by the patience and encouragement of those who work alongside me to make Raw Sports all that it can be.

And I'll continue to do my utmost to justify their faith in me as often as possible.

But so far as being satisfied? Are you kidding me?

I've done nothing.

I've only been back for seven months - and the story is far from being completed.

If the book on my "comeback" in Denver is a dozen chapters long - then we just made it out of chapter two.

While things may be pointed in a positive direction right now - the fact is that success (no matter how you may define it) is very fleeting.

It could all end tomorrow.

And if it does? I'm already prepared for that if it happens.

All I can do is try and control things that are within my own ability to control. More things are outside of my control than are actually in my hands to shape and mold as I choose - so whatever opportunities I get are most times the result of other people and their decisions to allow me to have those opportunities.

I can't and don't want to reflect too much yet - because in reality I haven't come close to doing what I want to do in radio or in television to this juncture.

Thanks for reading this Costa Chronicle - but that's all I really have to say at this time about this subject.

Monday its back to the proving ground - with more stuff to do, more work to accomplish, and more of those alleged "demons" to exercise..

I'm not nearly finished with the task at hand.

Now excuse me whilst I go back to work.


Thursday, January 05, 2006


A Face That Was Made For TV


By Dino Costa


My television program, "Raw Sports With Dino Costa", begins tonight...or is it this morning...or is it Friday morning?

Hold up, lemme make a quick phone call and get some clarification.

Okay I just spoke with Aaron Snyder the producer of this new program, and Aaron told me that it will tape at 1 AM today (meaning January 6) and air on FSN Rocky Mountain at 1 AM. That's sixty minutes past Midnight.

Can anyone say Tivo?

Actually this is all part of a well thought out plan by the FSN Rocky Mountain executives, who have been in this television business for far longer than I have.

What they're telling me is that this is what they refer to in my industry (notice how TV has now become "my" industry too?) as a soft launch. Meaning that the major announcement concerning this ground breaking program, with a parade down at the 16th Street Mall, won't be made until we get all the bugs and kinks worked out.

However even with this 1 AM time I have been given, the FSN Execs tell me that there are a lot of people up at that time watching TV - and that some of their best numbers are reflected in this time slot.

I actually bought this suggestion with a smile on my face too.

Hey man, 1 AM, 4 AM, 17 AM, I'm gonna be on television! With my own program! With my name on it! And I'm getting paid some pretty good money to do it! Someone show me the downside here.

So you are aware, the show is being developed with the full intention of making it a daily program (that means 5 days a week) and placed in a much more favorable time period where I won't be competing with insomniac theater.

The Foxies love me. And why wouldn't they? They've listened to my radio program (at least twice from what I'm told) and clearly recognize the myriad of strengths I bring to the table with me.

I'm a hot looking guy with a sizzling personality, I possess a tremendous photogenic smile, and I am never short of speaking my mind or calling someone (even yours truly) out on the carpet.

I truly have it all. Don't be jealous.

I've been studying the Ron Burgundy movie the last few weeks hoping that I can find my way by taking note of some of the techniques that San Diego's favorite TV personality employs.

I've also been paying attention to the way that Alan Colmes happens to squint with his eyes whenever he zeros in on the camera.

But those two guys I just mentioned really have nothing on me.

I'm a natural-born... star.

Made for the big city and the bright lights... as long as I can herd my cattle in the quiet environment of the Colorado countryside.

I liked the name they attached to this show as well. "Raw Sports". Backwards that would be "War Sports". Which is an interesting moniker for a future show that I may have an interest in doing.

I plan on combining the best of the sports world with a few topics that Oliver North usually covers on his show...thus the appropriate name of, "War Sports". I'll have to remember to mention this to Aaron later today.

I guess that I won't be able to dip my chew when I'm doing this TV program? Would you notice the little pinch between my lip and gum...providing me with pure tobacco pleasure without lighting up?

Too bad I don't smoke cigars any more. You talk about a great show prop, huh?

Then again I've actually thought of maybe taking up cigarette smoking just on the days I do the show. I always liked the way that Morton Downey Jr. was able to chain smoke on his program and not skip a beat.

What the heck ever happened to Morton Downey Jr. anyway? Oh that's right, he died a few years ago from lung cancer...I can't figure out how that happened.

Well, I should just not try to be like anyone else, right? Just let the Sports Doctor be the Sports Doctor, and do what the Sports Doctor does so incredibly well is probably the best course for me to follow.

Let me state right now and be up front with everyone here, I have no inclination to go after Chris Rose's job on the Best Damn Sports Show Period. Period.

I'm Dino Costa.

And you're watching Raw Sports.

On FSN Rocky Mountain.

Wake up!


Sunday, January 01, 2006



By DinoCosta



2005 is history.

So long to another year.

2005, just like any year, had some good moments, some bad ones, and some we won't ever even remember.

If 2005 wasn't good for you then I'm sorry. Here is hoping that 2006 is better for you.

Remember there is nothing that we can do about what has already happened in life, nothing we can do to reverse the consequences of decisions that we've made in the past that we regret in the present.

Unfortunately we don't have a rewind machine that can help us to blot out those moments and those decisions that we'd rather forget.

If I took all the forgetful moments and all the misguided decisions that I've made in my now 42 years on planet earth and had to reconsider each and every one of them...I would probably need another 42 years just to mull every one of them over!

My sins are recorded and there is no kind of machine that's ever been invented that will ever make them go away.

Except one.

And it isn't a machine.

Jesus Christ!

I became a bible-believing, Satan-hating man, back in 1997, when through God's calling to me, I finally accepted Jesus Christ as my savior and finally understood the grace, the love, and the sacrifice, that Jesus made for me and for all sinners.

It took all of my then 33 years to come to a new understanding about life, and it only came through the knowledge of the savior, Jesus Christ.

The bible tells all believers that it is by the sheer grace of God that we are saved from sin. "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is a gift of God. Eph-2:8 KJV. This should be considered a gift that is better than any present you have ever received on Christmas morning.

Becoming a bonafide Christian (as opposed to a very lukewarm one) was without a doubt the toughest thing I have ever done in my life.

Very tough.

To turn my back on almost every instinctive thing that I had known up to the point in time I accepted Christ, was a shocking and sudden jolt to my brain and to my entire system.

Thinking that I had everything "right", and had everything figured out - only to learn I had everything wrong and out of place, was a refreshing wake up call for me.


Wake-up call.

A few examples of what I am referring to.

Before becoming a Christian I was pro-choice, in fact I thought very little of the baby inside a women's womb - and I was able to shake off an abortion with an ease and a comfort that now makes me cringe when I think about my former mindset.

Before becoming a Christian I thought I had all the answers to everything. I was certain I was heaven bound, being brought up in the Roman Catholic church guaranteed me my salvation...I was told.

Before becoming a Christian I viewed the Almighty God as some sort of a vending machine, a higher power that I could tap into whenever I felt the urge to order up a prayer to fill a specific personal need I may have had.

Before becoming a Christian I would have agreed with anyone who made the claim that there were hundreds of avenues to God - a myriad of "religions" that had paths to heaven.

I was the smart one. I had all the answers to anything that came my way. I relied on me and me alone to get done what I needed to accomplish - with no thoughts about what I was doing, how I went about doing it, no guilt, no shame, or any notion that God was involved in my life...or even cared about what I was doing in my life.

I subscribed to the church of Dino, I had no idea about a verse in the bible that can be found in Colossians Chapter 2 and verse 8, which says: "Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ."

Now I am not what I would consider a very good writer by any stretch - in addition I am not a very good preacher of the word. For this my apologies.

But as a saved person I have an obligation to shout out my personal regeneration as often as I have the opportunity.

I don't do it nearly enough.

But God tells me to spread the good news as a believer. I have to do my part to help bring others to the knowledge of the truth, even if they reject the truth and the invitation as I did so many times before becoming saved.

The truth is that God desires for all men to be saved - not just some. That means you too.

With that said, the only thing I really want to say to you as you read this, is that I believe with everything in my heart, everything in my being, that if you have not yet accepted Jesus Christ as your savior, you are even though alive, already dead in your myriad trespass.

I implore you to do everything within your power to ask Jesus into your heart starting right now.

As the calendar changes years in a few hours...make this the most important resolution you have ever made before on any New Year previously.

Yesterday cannot be changed, tomorrow may never come, but while you still live and breath at this moment opportunity awaits you.

Accepting and then following Jesus Christ will save your life.

Not figuratively - but literally.

Take a look around at the world in which we live. See the degradation everywhere, in every area of life, almost without exception.

The King is coming back - this time as a warrior, not as the peace keeper He was before.

Christianity, the faith itself is hard to swallow and to accept. It will go against everything that you have previously justified to yourself.

But it comes with a price, a sacrifice of your own. It's not as easy as just saying, "I believe".

This isn't done on your rules or on your agenda - but only on His. Your terms aren't good enough for this journey - it's His way...or that same old highway you've been on for years.

I make mention of the fact that turning toward the Christian faith is the hard part - while turning away is the easy way to go.

Too easy.

There is only one of two ways with this issue.

You are either with God - or you're against.

There is no lukewarm middle ground.

Saying no to Christ is saying you are opposed to Christ.

Why won't some folks buy the Christian walk?

Because they like their way - as the only way. To submit to a lifestyle that demands what Christianity does, with its dogmatic and unapologetic stance is asking people to do a complete 360 in many instances.

It's at the point when people realize that the Christian walk is not a path of their own choosing, that they beg off, decide they cannot do it, or simply will revert back to their previous thought patterns of "religion" as a way to comfort their decision to disqualify themselves - or remain living in a perpetual state of denial that has them telling others that there is no God.

This is tragic.

People will often times rely on a "religion" (one that they're comfortable with) or a faith system that they'll convince themselves through their own sheer brilliance and self assured nature, is good enough to get the job done.

Done of course on their terms, with their own methodology of determining through nothing more than their own flawed logic, what is sufficient enough for them to be good enough in God's eyes.

They understand least they think so.

None of us are any good.

The Christian walk is super tough. It's life changing. It's thought changing. It's talk changing. It's sight changing.

But don't get me wrong here, this is not an allegiance to a faith that shackles you or you keeps you from enjoying your life.

If anything your life will be enriched, rewarded further, and your personal life and worldview will over time become one with God, who loves you, and who made you to be in fellowship with Him.

It's all about the blood. It's all about the cross. The sacrifice, not for good men and women, but for the wretched (count me as one of those), for thieves, liars, adulators, haters, and all kinds of wicked people.

I don't usually like to utilize cliché’s, but this one is always a good one to employ whenever we pose the question of who Jesus Christ was?




Had to be one of the three.

Check it out for yourself, do some soul searching if you will, and as the calendar turns, make the most important life changing decision you'll ever be involved with.

Accept Christ.

Repent of your sins.

Be baptized in Jesus' name.

Find an independent, fundamental, bible-preaching (KJV), dogmatic, church, with a body of saved believers who can encourage you and who you can fellowship with.

Don't accept anything less.

Don't fall for "Christianity Lite", stay away from the mega-church's, the feel good methodology, the charismatic movements, the purpose driven garbage, and please, by all means, stay away from the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Make 2006 the year you said goodbye to sin and hello to Jesus Christ.

Oh you'll still sin, but it won't be the same, you'll become quickly convicted of your discretion's, you'll seek forgiveness and repent, you'll stay in the loving arms of Christ Jesus, forever.

Your life will become truly completed.

While the ground will always shift around you, while you will still fall down and do things that make you shake your own head (like I do), the bedrock that you will now stand upon is as solid a foundation as can be found.


Eternity awaits you.

The choice however is yours alone to make.


Who do you say He was?

What are you gonna do about it?

I've included some links to help you get started if this is something that interests you.

If not, I and others are praying for your salvation - and wish you a prosperous and healthy 2006.

Happy New Year.


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