Sunday, January 15, 2006


Broncos fortunate, lucky and good


By DinoCosta 



On my ride home following the Broncos victory over New England, I couldn't believe my ears listening to fans calling KOA Radio who were so satisfied with their teams win. If I wasn't listening closely, I would have sworn that the Broncos romped over the Patriots and outplayed them up and down the field. 


The Orange & Blue Kool-Aid was being doled out in heaping helpings following last night's win at Invesco Field. 

The truth is that the Broncos were lucky to win. 

The Patriots moved the ball much more effectively. 

The Patriots defense shut down the Broncos vaunted running game. 

The Patriots turned the ball over five times - which is what ultimately cost them the game. 

That and the Broncos being on the right side of one of the most atrociously bad calls in the history of the National Football League. 

The pass interference call on Pats cornerback Asante Samuel at the tail end of the first half was so bad that I believe the NFL should launch an investigation into the motives of the official who threw the flag. 

The official right on top of the play by didn't throw the flag - instead the back judge across the field did...5 seconds after the play was over! 

Truth be told this was no defensive pass interference, it wasn't even offensive pass interference.  It was simply a battle for the ball between two players, where incidental contact took place and no flag on either player should have been called. 

Lucky Broncos? 

The next play (after their offense couldn't move the ball the entire first half) Mike Anderson plunged into the end zone from a yard out, and the Broncos suddenly and luckily, had a 7-3 lead after Elam's extra point. 

Lucky Broncos? 

The first 24 points they scored last night resulted in 24 net yards of offense!  How is that for exact symmetry? 

Lucky Broncos? 

Champ Bailey made a great play on the end zone interception and the 100 yard return where he was slammed out of bounds by former college teammate Ben Watson - the ball appeared to be fumbled out of the end zone, which would have given New England the ball back at their own 20 yard line. 

The call was reviewed, and the Broncos kept the ball at the one yard line...where Anderson again capped off a 1 yard scoring drive by bulling into the end zone for another Denver touchdown. 

For those keeping track, that would be 2 touchdowns, two plays, two yards, and 14 points. 

Lucky Broncos? 

The greatest quarterback of all time had an awful day, with some terrible throws that bounced on the Invesco turf, or were intercepted by people named Champ Bailey. 

I credit the Denver defense for consistent pressure all night, Brady wasn't sacked in this game, but he was beat up by the Broncos defense who slammed into the New England quarterback time and again. 

Yes the Broncos had more points at the end of the night, but the giddiness of the Broncos fans had me very confused. 

Did they run the ball last night? 


Did they throw the ball well? 

At times, and I give the play calling from Mike Shannahan a lot of credit for not going conservative after the Patriots scored their lone touchdown to briefly pull back some momentum and hush the sell out crowd at Invesco with 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter. 

Still the offensive execution can't be what the Houston Texans are all excited about if they name Gary Kubiak their new head coach. 

The kickoff coverage for Denver was again less than good - again. 

The Broncos won - but the Patriots were their own worst enemy and imploded on themselves time and again last night. 

To their credit not a single Denver player I spoke with after the game contested my point about the Broncos not playing well last night. 

Yes they won, but please hold off on acting as though this was a slam dunk, no doubt about it, case closing, victory. 

All the breaks went Denver's way last night...this is pretty much the way it's gone all season for the now 14-3 Ponies. 

Lucky Broncos? 

The Steelers upset Indianapolis today. 

The AFC Championship game is at Invesco next Sunday. 

Careful what you wish for. 

The Broncos won last night 27-13.

I wasn't impressed.



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