Thursday, March 16, 2006

VIVA MEXICO!  Selig Should Investigate Bob Davidson!
By DinoCosta
March 16, 2006
Thank goodness that team Mexico put the United States baseball team out of its misery tonight, with a 2-1 win that eliminates the USA.
Just desserts is how I feel.
Even tonight, former MLB umpire Bob Davidson (a Denver resident) did his best to try and help the USA team to a win.
A 3rd inning home run that clearly rang off the right field foul pole by  Mexico right fielder Mario Valenzuela, was instead ruled a double. Four (4) umpires convened to talk about the play before all eight eyes determined that the ball hit the top of the wall - and not the foul pole.
Davidson was also disgraced in the game where the USA beat Japan a few days prior to being eliminated tonight - calling out a Japanese base runner who had tagged up and scored - only to learn that Davidson erased the go-ahead run by claiming that the runner left third base too soon. Replays clearly showed the base runner had left the base only after the catch was made by left fielder Randy Winn.
So now that the United States team is a goner and all the guys on the team can resume with normal spring training what?
How about a modification to this tournament that would be played a week after the World Series?
Players would still be in shape - and MLB should also add a monetary figure to the event that would go to the winning team. This would produce an even higher sense of competativism for the games. Is "competativism" an actual word?
Leave spring training alone - February and March should always be about letting major league clubs gear up for the regular season.
Please stop with all of this nonsense too, about how the rest of the world has closed the gap on the United States in baseball. This my friends, simply ain't true.
A tournament devised the way this current World Baseball Classic is, doesn't allow I feel, the means to determine who the best team is - rather it serves to show which teams are better in single games.
Put a USA team together that can practice for at least 10 days together before playing any games - and I will assure you that nobody would beat them in a best of seven series.
Yes I am thrilled that Mexico beat the USA tonight. Viva Mexico!
No the USA won't win this inaugural World Baseball Classic.
And no, there isn't a better brand of baseball played in the world at a higher level than right here in Uncle Sam's back yard. Still.
If you listened to my show today - you heard me say that I was as confused as anyone to hear a fellow white guy referring to me as a "nigger" at a gas station this morning.
This awful word is routinely heard in the lyrics of many rap records being developed all the time, and it is a word that I hear tossed back and forth amongst black people many more times than I ever hear a white person using the word.
I realize that a good many white boys are trying their darnedest to be hip and cool, attempting to fit the urban gangsta rap scene as best they can with wardrobe styles and slang language and what not...but when one white guy uses that word to another white guy...I do believe its going just a little bit too far?
Air Force basketball gave it all they had this season. Yes, they lost tonight to Illinois in San Diego...but after losing their best player this season to injury, how many who root for the Force would have signed on the dotted line for a 24-7 season and a NCAA Tournament berth?
By the way, can someone out there please let me know what Jim Welker was apologizing for? I had Jesse Lee Peterson on my program earlier this week, and Jesse Lee is as puzzled about Welker's back peddling apology as I am.
Good to see Wyoming staying with head basketball coach Steve McClain.
Ricardo Patton = Lame duck.
The Nuggets 4-1 mark on this current road trip looks terrific on the surface.  But who have they beaten? None of the teams except Indiana had a winning record or will make the playoffs this season with the four wins they have accrued thus far. The Pacers were also playing without their best player Jermaine O'Neal. The Nuggets record this season against teams with winning records at the moment? 13 wins and 14 defeats. Paper Tiger's until proven otherwise.
Very much looking forward to this new Rapids season. Very important obviously, that the Raps brought back goaltender Joe Cannon. Fernando Clavijo has a team that should compete with any in the MLS Western Conference. Can't wait until I can go see the Rapids hosting the Houston 1836 at Invesco Field this season. Yes, the 1836.
Ian Stewart for MVP...of the Cactus League.  See the future. See him now.
Jorge Cantu will make you stand up and take notice this season.
Most of you are saying, "who"?
Is there a more knowledgeable and entertaining NFL commentator than my "Insider", Dan Leberfeld?  Didn't think so.
Terry Frei told me that it's a rule in his house. There can be no DirecTV NHL Center Ice package showing all the NHL games. Take DirecTV out of my house and you would have to up my dosage of Paxil by another 50 MG.
Please excuse me whilst I send a shout out to my favorite all-time Westword columnist, Michael Roberts. Michael is a true believer - and a regular browser of this weblog.
Is my fascination with "Hayseed" as obsessed, as say...Bill O'Reilly's is with Keith Olbermann?
Is Romey still your homey?
Only 127 days until the 110th Cheyenne Frontier Days gets here. Are you stoked? I didn't think so.
Speaking of things Livestock, my two (2) goats aren't growing as quickly as I thought they would be. Wyatt & Toby, are still relatively small at this juncture.
By the way. The "WebGuy", has retired. Bought some property down at the Ghost River Ranch, bought a sizable amount of land, and has settled in with his lovely wife and 14 children. The most recent report told me that he's doing well, the kids will begin attending school later this week, when the WebGuy finishes building it. I know that in these modern times this is something that is difficult to grasp...but when it comes to the WebGuy and his new life - try to imagine some scenes from Michael Landon and the old television show, Little House On The Prairie.
I love doing talk radio. To do a captivating program like I do, one must truly love the show building process that is a daily, never ending, endeavor. Yes, talk radio I love. The industry as a whole? In a word: Deplorable.
I listened to Howard Stern in an interview with Sean Hannity recently. Stern made a remark about there being no God. Pray for this misguided and utterly lost man.
That whole Brokeback thing certainly passed us by quickly, eh?
South Dakota by the way, has become a state that I will do everything within my power to visit. I'll visit, spend money, maybe buy a home, a radio station, raise some cattle in that gorgeous state, and highly encourage any and everyone else to make their own pilgrimage to this newly christened non-abortion haven. I LOVE South Dakota! Hey likewise!
Oh yeah, just so nobody gets the wrong idea with my personal anti-Barry Bonds crusade. The following are in the same boat and my feelings are just as negative about them too: Mark McGwire. Sammy Sosa. Rafael Palmiero.
Interesting to note that after tonight's USA WBC loss to Mexico, Roger Clemens was given a steroid test.
Someone tell Bud Selig that there's no rush with his decision to investigate Barry Bonds...or not.
Oh you heard me right on the radio show today. Yes, I certainly hope that Bonds blows out his knee with the very next step he takes. Disgusting and revolting, I know.
Vince Young has the highest upside to any quarterback coming out in this April's NFL Draft. After that I'd take Jay Cutler as a guy who is probably the most NFL ready at the moment. Matt Lienert? I'm not too sure. Winning record and a Titan like team that surrounded him that probably could have won a few games this past NFL season. Previous shoulder problems and the fact that his arm is not very strong to begin with make me not as certain as many others are of NFL stardom.
Think that Jose Theadore cringed just a little bit when he found out that Pierre Lacroix had used Jose's name in the same sentence with Patrick Roy?
I'm sorry, but SportsCenter has become very unwatchable to me. I'll much rather watch ESPN News for up to the minute information on the sports world.
There's something about Marc Holtzman that is preventing me from fully endorsing the very likable Bob Bueprez as the next Governor of our great state. I like Holtzman's courage to say what he thinks without apology. This is probably why he won't end up getting elected. But I like that about the guy.
Has anyone else noticed that Sports Illustrated columnist Tom Verducci looks like he could be Jerome Jurenovich's brother? Jerome for the uninitiated, is a broadcaster with Altitude Sports & Entertainment here in Denver.
No, I have never spoken with Kris Olinger in regard to anything. Well, you asked me.
I'm going to bed now.

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